Evangelical lyceum

Evangelical lyceum Evangelical lyceum

The building of Lyceum comes from 1774 - 1776. It acquired its today´s look by extensions of the first and second floors in the 19th century. In 1787 - 1852, academic classes with the departments of Philosophy, Law, and Theology were established besides the eight class grammar school, and the school changed into a lyceum. In 1852, the lyceum classes were cancelled and the school became the grammar school again.

Teachers and students from all over Central Europe came to Kežmarok in order to teach and study there. The most well-known ones were the men of letters: František Kacinzy, Pavel Jozef Šafárik, Karol Kuzmány, brothers Ján and Samo Chalupka, Samo Tomášik, Janko Kráľ, Ján Generisch, Jovan Sterija-Popovič, Lazar Lazarevič, Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav, Martin Rázus, Ivan Stodola; artists Peter Bohúň, Ladislav Medňanský; doctors Daniel Fischer, Ľudovít Markušovský, Vojtech Alexander; geographers and historians Dávid Frölich, Juraj Buchholz Jr., Kristián Generisch, brothers Pavol and Ján Hunfalvy, Tomáš Mauksch, Samuel Weber; philosophers and economists Gregor Berzeviczy, Ján Feješ, Martin Schwantner; biologists, physicists and mathematicians Fridrich Hažlinský, Ferdinand Filarský, Aurel Stodola, Jur Hronec, etc.

There is a library situated in the building of Lyceum. It is the largest historical school library in Central Europe which dates back into the times of the school foundations. The library has 150 000 volumes from all possible fields written in several world languages. There are 55 early printed books from 1468 - 1500, about 3000 books from the 16th century, approximately 6000 Slovak books (books printed in Slovakia, written by Slovak authors, in Slovak language or books referring to Slovakia and Slovaks), and 44 000 German books from 1470 - 1944. The library is accessible to tourists.

Near the Lyceum, the so-called New Lyceum, the present-day Grammar School of P. O. Hviezdoslav, stands. It was built in 1893 - 1906.

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